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Affordable SWMP

Interstate and Affordable

The Problem Our client needed a SWMP for an interstate electrical transmission line that would be federally permitted. Because of the remote location of the line and dispersed nature of the disturbances the cost of BMPs was potentially unsupportable within their bid costs. The Solution Summit recognized the unique circumstances that characterized the site. Disturbances...
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Residential project in Aurora

The Problem Some projects are complex because of topography, because of their sheer size, or because they reside in multiple jurisdictions. The project described here was complex primarily because it was located in the City of Aurora. Our client was a residential builder who had extensive experience with multiple cities and counties around the Denver...
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Rapid SWMP saves the day.

The Problem Our General Contractor client had been awarded a project with a start date looming, but learned after being awarded the project that a SWMP was not in place. The Solution Summit pulled out all the stops and wrote a complete Stormwater Management Plan in less than one week. This allowed the project to...
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