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SWMP Record Review Checklist

This is the document used by a state inspector when visiting a construction site to perform a stormwater inspection. The overall purpose of these state visits is to confirm compliance and educate project owners of the State’s requirement associated with a Colorado Stormwater Discharge Permit. As part of the overall goal, the State inspector will use this document to record whether the Stormwater Management Plan on site meets the State’s requirements. If your SWMP has been developed by Summit it will initially meet all these requirements. If your site is inspected by Summit we’ll make sure it stays in compliance over the course of the whole project. By the way, if you get an email from State alerting you of an upcoming inspection, this document will be provided as an attachment. You can use this as an internal review of your SWMP if you’d like to see how you’d measure up to a state inspection. You should be aware that the state will also check inspection records and the condition of Best Management Practices on your site as part of their inspection.

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